What is the Best Model among OPPO Mobile Phones?

An electronics manufacturing company based out of Guangdong, in China, the OPPO Corporation is popular for its cost-effective smartphones, combining quality with specs that consumers seek. The company is widely entrenched in the technology industry, as it produces MP3 players, media players which are portable, as well as LCD televisions. Launched in 2004, OPPO is famous for its smartphones, primarily the OPPO A9, which is sleek and affordable, with power packed in. Among its myriad smartphone offerings, the A9 is touted to perform well in the market, especially with Indian consumers who want great price points and value. It also works as a great second phone if you already own a flagship device.

The Popularity of OPPO

Step back and view the mobile phones that have recently seen launches in the Indian smartphone space. What comes out as an obvious observation is that smartphone manufacturers are focusing more on the segment of buyers who want phones below 20,000 INR. This is where the sweet spot lies, between profit and popularity. Phones by Vivo (Pro Z1), Realme (X) and an OPPO mobile phone (K3) have only just seen their light of day, all placed comfortably in the mid-range price bracket. These are all good quality phones, rated in the area of 7 to 8 out of 10 for price plus performance. This is a good average for the regular Indian consumer who wants a budget phone that does their basic tasks efficiently. After the brand launched K3, OPPO introduced the A9 model at a decent price, less than 16,000 INR. People are scrambling to get their hands on one of these models, but are they really worth all the fuss?

OPPO Phones

As budget smartphones go, the A9 meets a lot of the requirements of most of the Indian smartphone demographic. At first sight, and this is true for many an OPPO mobile, it has an appealing display. The 6.5-inch full HD display and the vibrancy of colours you get are enough to draw you in. Crisp with great angles for viewing, this phone comes with a fingerprint scanner that is located behind the phone, and is remarkably easy to reach. Unlocking is quick and efficient. A bright spot is that this handset offers a facial recognition unlock feature, using a 16MP selfie shooter for the same.

Smart Specs with High Tech

One of the better phones in this price-range, with more features and specs than other phones, the OPPO A9 has an energy-packed MediaTek Helio P70 SoC. With 4GB RAM, that’s enough for regular multitasking, and even watching videos or movies, OPPO ensures smooth running of its new phone. You get 128GB internal storage to store information that you may not need right away, and the RAM can access it fast when you do. Tested with gamers who have played PUBG on it, the handset proved its efficacy as the game (graphically-intensive ones) could be played without any hitches. Internal storage can be expanded with the phone’s microSD slot. The 4020mAh battery keeps the phone powered for a long duration, and doesn’t die on you in the middle of your tasks.

Easy to Own

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