5 Handy Ways to Re-Purpose Your Old Android Smartphone

The Android smartphone market is flooded with the launch of new devices on an everyday basis. And with so many technological advancements, the Android phones price list comprises of smartphones with various features. However, it is because of these technological advancements that our smartphones become outdated in 2-3 years and we stop using them. A smartphone will all the latest features today will most definitely look out-dated within the next few years. The only solution to this is to buy a new smartphone, but then what happens to your old smartphone? Why not re-purpose your old Android smartphone in a way that is useful for you? Take a look at our 5 handy ways to re-purpose your old Android smartphone.

Security Camera

Probably one of the best features on most smartphones these days is the camera setup. Smartphones are equipped with cameras that are as good as or sometimes better than point and shoot cameras. So why not make the best use of this feature of your android smartphone? If you are planning to buy a security camera that will keep 24 hours of surveillance on your home or office, you can consider using your old Android smartphone instead. All you have to do is, download a third-party app like IP webcam that will transform your smartphone into a security camera.

5 Handy Ways to Re-Purpose Your Old Android Smartphone

Universal Remote Control

Imagine operating your air conditioner or TV with the help of your old Android smartphone. Sounds cool, right? If your smartphone is equipped with the infrared (IR) blaster, then you definitely can do this. The IR blaster in the phone will allow it to communicate and give commands to other devices. Moreover, you can also add the IR blaster in your phone with the help of a third-party app. Once you are all set with the IR blaster, download apps like Peel Smart Remote and Easy Universal TV Remote to use your old smartphone as a universal remote.

Car Mounted GPS

When we are driving to a new place, we usually use the GPS on our smartphone to identify and understand the route. GPS has become a basic necessity when you live in big cities. One of the best handy ways to re-purpose your old Android smartphone is to use it as a car GPS. You can turn on the navigation in the car and drive to your destination without a worry.

5 Handy Ways to Re-Purpose Your Old Android Smartphone

Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you have one of those 4G VoLTE phones, then using it as a Wi-Fi hotspot can be an option. Most homes already have a Wi-Fi connection, but if you don’t have one, your old Android smartphone can fill in the role. Get a SIM card with a 3G or 4G data pack to use your phone for wireless hotspot connectivity.


And the last on our 5 handy ways to re-purpose your old Android smartphone is to use it as an e-reader. This one is for all the bookworms who love reading. The latest mobile phones price list comes with smartphones that sport large displays, which makes them convenient to use as e-readers. You can download third-party apps with a wide array of books to enjoy your reading time.



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