How to Wash Wool Sweater in Washing Machine

Winter is here and it’s the season of sweaters again. Woollen clothes have a special place in the wardrobe during the winter months. However, they do have a bad reputation when it comes to washing and cleaning. But, it isn’t that challenging to wash wool sweater in washing machine as it seems. Wondering how? We have brought you the best ways to wash wool sweater in washing machine at your home.

To wash woollen clothing in a washing machine, you will have to use the right methods and different kind of detergents. Many fully automatic washing machines have a special function cycles which are dedicated to washing woollen clothes. Even if your machine doesn’t have dedicated ‘wool’ cycle, you can use the ‘delicate’ or ‘hand wash’ cycle when washing. By this way, you can use your home appliance for washing the woollen clothes.

Before you wash wool sweater in washing machine, do pay attention to the manufacturer’s care label on the woollen garment. This will help you understand the recommended way of cleaning your garment.

Follow these guidelines to ensure the proper cleaning of your woollen sweater and other woollen clothes.

  • Don’t wash the woollen clothes frequently.
  • Always wash the dark and bright clothes separately.
  • Avoid using harsh detergent. Use detergents which are specially designed to be used on wools. Such gentle detergents ensure the cleaning of the wool without damaging.

How to Wash Wool Sweater in Washing Machine

Once you have done with this, let’s move to the actual process to wash the woollen clothes in washing machine.

  • On fully automatic machines, use the suitable washing cycle such as wool, delicate, or hand wash. Don’t add the detergent directly to the drum; add it to the tray instead.
  • On the semi-automatic machines, mix the detergent in cold water before you add the sweater.
  • In both cases, let the sweater soak for a while in the detergent water.
  • Drain the water and perform rinse cycles for twice with slight movements.
  • Don’t use the spin option as it will damage the woollen clothes. However, squeeze the excess water so that it will dry faster.
  • Place a clean dry towel on a table and lay the sweater on it. Then place another towel on top.
  • Roll the towels up to remove the surplus water. Unroll the towels and maintain the shape of the sweater. Evenly stretch the sweater to avoid shrinking.
  • Leave the sweater on a flat surface to dry.

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