Ultimate Solo Travel Checklist for 2017

Travel Checklist- Gone are the days when people took up a desk job, slogged for more than 12 hours on weekdays and took out time on weekends for their friends and families. People these days are experimenting with the style of living, challenging the old norms. Adventure is in and boredom is out as people are adapting to the bohemian lifestyle. Not that the bohemians weren’t present earlier; but the increase in their numbers over the past few years is dramatic.

Social media and technology has not just made the lives of people easy and convenient but has added a lot of stress and depression. People have become lonelier; rather have chosen to be so. Solo travelling is what is gaining momentum lately. Pack your bags, take the car and off you go is the easiest algorithm devised by the youth.


But solo travelling is also challenging as you are all on your own in a completely different place. But then technology has devised a solution for the same. Here is a much needed Travel Checklist for 2017.

Some gadgets and accessories are essential for a solo travel checklist that is listed below:


The biggest necessity which people often forget to carry is a lock. On the contrary, it should be the topmost priority of any individual who plans to travel. It is needed to safeguard your luggage anytime, anywhere.

Universal Travel Adapter:

It will be intelligent of you to carry a travel adapter with you as different countries or places won’t be able to provide you with the chargers of your gadgets. Keep with you a travel adapter which will charge your gadgets as mobiles, laptops, cameras and so on.

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Navigation System:

While travelling solo to an alien place with no acquaintances a navigation system can be of great help in picking up right directions especially while travelling by road.

Power banks:

Not everywhere will you find the facility of plug points? In such cases, the portable power banks come handy.



It is one thing which no one will ever forget to take along.  Smartphones are of greater use than anyone ever expected.


Who wouldn’t want to click interesting photos of the place they visited. The camera is on the top of the list of a traveller’s diary.


Not only for time but for games, apps and entertainment, smartwatches are ideal companions.

Selfie sticks

Taking selfies is a common trend these days. So, no one would want to miss an opportunity to carry a selfie stick.

Ultimate Solo Travel Checklist for 2017


Enjoy your frequent strolls along with a set of personally owned headphones.

Bluetooth Speakers:

The Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate source of entertainment when you are on a vacation with your friends or family. Carry these portable speakers along with the charger.

As travel has become a paid hobby, many are finding it as a lucrative option. The check-list for solo travelling is simply never-ending. Still, travelling solo will be fun when you are well equipped with the above accessories.

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