Top 5 Snapchat Tips to Get You like a Pro

Snapchat is one of the social apps which is creating buzz these days because of its popularity and features. While everyone’s parents (even grandparents) are fascinating the Facebook feeds, the kids are playing around Snapchat.

Snapchat always brings some interesting new features and as a result of which, Facebook and Instagram also try to borrow some features from it. There are plenty of different features which you could use with Snapchat besides the photo and videos. Here are the tips that will take your Snapchatting to the next level.

  1. Memories

Snapchat revolves around the idea of short-lived posts, but a new memories feature has added a functionality which could let you keep your precious pictures and movie clips if you wish to. The new feature could get accessed from settings (Tap on the ghost icon and then the cog icon) after that go to Memories from the list.

Here you will find the option to keep your snaps to the Memories of Snapchat along with your device. In case you want to share the picture or video clip you’ve saved earlier, tap on the circle button below the shutter button of the camera window.

  1. Save your Conversation

Snapchat is capable of performing basic chat app functions by simply swiping right on the camera screen to begin the conversations with friends. The movies, photo, and messages which you share with anyone get vanish as soon as they are seen by the recipient.

But, you can save an important message on Snapchat by the simply press and hold the message to keep it. That’s how the message is saved. And, in case you want to remove the message, then again press and hold, and it’s unsaved now. To clear all conversation, go to settings, tap the clear conversation.

  1. Multiple filters

Adding filters on top of your photos and videos is a fun thing in Snapchat, but do you know you can also build up some filters at once if you want to. To experiment this trick, add your first filter, then press and hold one finger on the screen while swiping again by another finger. You will be able to go through the available filters until you discover something interesting here.

There is a variety of filter on which you can add more than two filters, while some filters won’t allow you to combine as their type or position on the screen will hide important elements of your snaps.

  1. Add Nearby friends

Snapchat has an interesting feature which could let you add new friends who are nearby; however, the option to add nearby is pretty well hidden in the app. On the camera screen, tap on the ghost icon and then tap Add Friends. The Add Nearby option can be accessed on the subsequent screen from the list.

  1. Beta program

Similar to the other apps, Snapchat also offers a beta program which you can join. The beta version of Snapchat is only available on Android mobiles.

Sign up for the beta program through the settings screen and you will receive new and experimental features before anyone else. The only drawback of going for a beta program is to face occasional crash or software bug.


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