Top 3 Cheap Tricks To Improve The Sound Of Your TV Speakers

Television, even when called as an idiot box is loved by many. TV has seen many changes from its invention. The modern flat-screen television is a trending appliance these days.

But every new development comes with their share of challenges. The modern flat-screen TV has its own problems: the most dreaded soap opera effect and the weak, tiny, kept in the wrong direction speakers.

Top 3 Cheap Tricks To Improve The Sound Of Your TV Speakers

It is easy and convenient to deal with SOE. The major time consuming and the tough part is to overcome the awful audio. Many home theatre enthusiasts will tempt you to invest in a multichannel receiver and many speakers. This option even if attractive is expensive bait.

You can get a decent soundbar after spending a few bucks or you can hunt for cheaper options and get good results.

Resurrect your old PC speakers

If your old PC speakers are collecting dust in the closet then break out those speakers and plug them into your TV. Enjoy clear, bigger and louder audio.

Top 3 Cheap Tricks To Improve The Sound Of Your TV Speakers

As the flat-panel TV cabinet has a limited space, the TV speakers are most likely to be pointed down or back- which absolutely makes no sense as you sit in front of the screen.

It is bad when the speakers are of low quality but it is worse when they project the audio on the wall behind the TV or the stand that is holding it up.

In such cases, PC speakers are of great help. You can plug the 3.5mm audio cable right into the headphone jack of the TV (if it has one) or choose an adapter to connect the cable to the TV’s RCA audio-out jacks.

In some TV systems, it might be a necessity to browse through the settings to change the audio to “external”. You can set the speakers’ volume to 75 percent and then continue with the television remote.

The external audio settings are not universal as in some models the headphone jack is also available.

Top 3 Cheap Tricks To Improve The Sound Of Your TV Speakers

Point the sound in the front

A clever product that helps in projecting the sound in the front is soundscoopz. These are plastic scoops which work on the same principle as you cup your hands behind the phone or tablet speaker to make the sound louder.

They do not need wire, power except a couple strips of Velcro to adhere to back of the screen.

They simply redirect the sound and do not amplify it.

Opt for a friendlier option

Especially when you watch the TV alone headphones are a superior option to speakers. Plus the TV’s these days come with Bluetooth audio option. So do not stay back and take advantage of these new facilities.

Before spending bucks on repairing anything, make sure that you consider all the options that are handy. These 3 cheap tricks shall help you save money on TV sets.


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