Smartphones with Diamond Screens to Come by the End of 2017

One of the worst nightmares of every smartphone user is to deal with a cracked display some way, but this could not be the case by the end of 2017. You may have heard about the smartphones like HTC U Ultra and Kyocera Brigadier having a sapphire crystal on its display for protection. Or else, the tempered glass covers which protect the display up to a certain level. But, we are not talking about these measures. A new display tech is in making which is claimed to feature a diamond glass which will be stronger, harder, and cleaner than what we’ve used before.

Adam Khan who is the CEO of Akhan Semiconductor told CNET about the commercial use of diamond in the screen of smartphones and other electronic products. Akhan Semiconductor is a company which manufactures diamonds for employment in electronics. The diamond glass is called as the ‘Mirage Diamond Glass’ and Khan has confirmed that the company is in discussion with various smartphone vendors.

Initially, the company is reportedly choosing only one smartphone vendor to supply its diamond glass. In addition, the company mentioned that it will grow diamonds for the electronic use in wearable space as well. The report further stated that offering the supply of the Mirage Diamond Glass to limited smartphone vendors is partly due to supply and partly to give the advantage of exclusivity to the device maker.

The Akhan Semiconductor Company is projecting to make diamond glass for about 10 to 30 million handsets and below 1 million screens for wearable devices when it will start the production.

Moreover, Khan added that the use of his diamond on the top of the normal glass or Gorilla Glass will make the device’s display 6 times stronger and 10 times harder. Besides the unbreakable features, the use of diamonds will also give an advantage to the device for maintaining its temperature both on the screen and at the semiconductor level.

In addition, the diamond glass will also add the splash proof solutions. However, the overall pricing of the product will get increased due to the use of diamond glass. Though, Khan declines this possibility and stated that the pricing of the diamond glass will be competitive when compared to the Moto ShatterShield technology that is used on the Moto X Force smartphone.

(Photo credits: Motorola)


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