Reliance LYF Smartphone Explodes

Recently, in a shocking incident, a Reliance Lyf 4G smartphone which was sold by Reliance Retail has been exploded and burst into flames on Sunday. The issue of Lyf 4G smartphone’s explosion was reported on Twitter by the user, Tanvir Sadiq who is said to be the political secretary to the running president of the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference. In his post, he mentioned that his family was lucky to make a narrow escape from the Lyf phone which was exploded and burst into flames and also shared photographs of his burnt Lyf mobile.

The explosion of the Lyf mobile is assumed to be due to a faulty battery. Tanvir has tagged Reliance Jio and LYF in his tweet and called for an immediate attention on the explosion.  Furthermore, he demanded the company for the recall program of its smartphones immediately and also advised other Lyf users to be careful with their smartphones. As Tanvir posted the tweet, Lyf had quickly addressed to his tweet and assured that the company will investigate the issue and inform him about the effective solutions.

Following Tanvir’s post, Omar Abdullah, the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir retweeted him, writing that the escape seems to be very narrow and he also won’t use his Lyf smartphone anytime soon.

An Lyf spokesperson has clarified in an email statement that the Lyf range of smartphones are designed and manufactured as per the global standards and it manufactured by world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones. Each smartphone has to undergo stringent quality control process before hitting the stores. The company expressed the concern about the Lyf mobile explosion which has reported on social media and they are taking the issue seriously. It will assess the cause of the explosion and will carry out a systematic investigation in the matter. The customer safety is a priority to the company and based on the findings, the company will take appropriate actions, LYF spokesperson added.

An explosion in LYF Smartphone is not a first. The LYF Water 1 4G smartphone was allegedly exploded in September this year which had caused the burn injuries to its user. The exploded LYF phone belonged to Pankaj Kumar from Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir. Pankaj was rushed for medical treatment later on.

The issue of smartphone explosion is getting common these days. The list includes Samsung Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7 and now LYF smartphones. Samsung has discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 lineup after the unbearable counts of the explosion. Last month, an Australian surfing instructor, Mat Jones reported that his iPhone 7 unit caught fire when left it in the car and destroyed the vehicle. He had kept his iPhone 7 smartphone in his car while he was away from the car. And as he returned back, his vehicle was filled with smoke. In another incident, an iPhone 6 was reported for catching fire while in the back pocket of the user causing burnt to the user.

Theoretically, every smartphone using lithium batteries are potentially prone to catch fire or explode. The failure rate of a susceptible lithium battery is somewhere around one in 10 million.


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