Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: What Are the Differences & Which One Suits Your Needs

If you are passionate about photography, then your smartphone or a simple point and shoot camera are not going to be enough. While smartphones from the latest mobiles price list come with exceptional camera features, they still cannot replace a professional camera. Professional cameras offer quality and versatility that other devices fail to deliver. If you are currently looking for a camera then you must have come across various Mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Both these types of cameras are amazing and can cater to your photography needs. Out of the two, cameras from the DSLR camera price list have been the most preferred option. However, in the recent few years, even Mirrorless cameras have proved their worth. To help you make a choice, here are some of the differences when it comes to Mirrorless Vs DSLR cameras. These differences will help you get a clear idea on which type of camera you should pick. Take a look!

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: Size & Weight

DSLR cameras are more on the heavier side and can be difficult to carry around. These cameras are bulky because they come with a mirror and a prism that needs to be attached to the body. On the other hand, Mirrorless cameras are smaller and lightweight. Even though some of the latest Mirrorless cameras are growing in size and weight, they are still easier to carry around when compared to a DSLR camera.

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: What Are the Differences & Which Suits Your Needs

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: Autofocus Speed

DSLR cameras use the phase detection technology and are widely popular for delivering amazing autofocus speed and low light photography. There was a time when there was no competition for DSLR cameras when it came to autofocus speed. However, that has changed in recent times. Mirrorless cameras come with phase and contrast detection sensors which are used to process and improve autofocus.  So, both DSLR are Mirrorless cameras are at par when it comes to capturing pictures with fast actions (sports or wildlife).

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: Previewing Images

On a DSLR camera, you can get a preview of a shot that you are trying to capture on the optical viewfinder. Similarly, a Mirrorless camera offers you a preview of a shot on-screen or on the electric viewfinder. Both these cameras give you a pre-hand knowledge about how your image will exactly look like. However, your shot may look dull or grainy when it comes to low light photography or night photography in a Mirrorless camera. Even though the preview may look perfect, to capture more light, a Mirrorless camera has to lower the speed, which affects the quality of an image. All-in-all, a DSLR camera is more reliable for previewing images and capturing an almost identical shot.

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: What Are the Differences & Which Suits Your Needs

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: Camera Lenses

When you have a DSLR camera, you can choose from a wide range of camera lenses. You could opt for a DSLR below Rs 30000 and invest in a high-end lens based on your photography needs. However, you are restricted to the number of camera lenses that you can choose from when it comes to Mirrorless cameras. Though the camera lens option for Mirrorless cameras is rapidly growing, DSLR cameras still have the upper hand.

 Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: Shooting Speed

When it comes to shooting speed, both DSLR and Mirrorless cameras can capture a burst of images using fast shutter speeds. Nevertheless, Mirrorless cameras are a tad bit ahead on this front. As the name suggests – Mirrorless cameras are designed without any mirrors. This helps in capturing back to back images at a fast shooting speed. Mirrorless cameras come with simple mechanics which makes it easier for a user to click a higher number of images using fast shutter speeds.

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: What Are the Differences & Which Suits Your Needs

Mirrorless Vs DSLR Cameras: Battery Life

The electric viewfinder and LCD screen on a Mirrorless camera are a battery hog and drain the battery quickly. On the other end, a DSLR camera has a longer battery life because they do not require an electric viewfinder or an LCD screen. But, both the camera types come with similar battery capacity. The battery life depends on whether or not you make use of the LCD screen. Then again, both DSLR and Mirrorless cameras come with removable batteries. This means you can switch the camera battery with a spare if you run out of juice.


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