Feel The Music- 5 Best Headphones in India

You are tired of the boring pair of earphones you got with your Smartphone and you want something new now, something big? Chlil, we have you covered. Today we bring you a list of the best headphones you can buy in India right now on a tight budget.

Sony MDR-ZX110A

Feel The Music- 5 Best Headphones in India

One of the best headphones for the price, the MDR-ZX110A priced at Rs. 649 but can almost always be found for a discount at someplace or another and I have seen them for as low as Rs. 349. These headphones get all the basics bang on perfect, they have a good sound signature, a decent design and good build quality. These are must buy for anyone who just wants a good decent pair of headphones.

Pros – Good sound signature

Cons – Plastic Build quality

Philips SHL5000

Feel The Music- 5 Best Headphones in India

The SHL5000 come with a slim profile and deep bass, they offer what the Sony lack and come priced similarly at Rs. 649. They are foldable and hence easy to carry, inside they have 32 mm drivers tuned to offer extra thump in the Bass department. It has a moderately long 1.2-meter cable, which is good enough for normal use.

Pros – Good design

Cons – Uncomfortable over longer periods

Sennheiser HD 180

Feel The Music- 5 Best Headphones in India

Sennheiser has made a name for itself in the audiophile community and everyone holds Sennheiser in high regards. They make great quality products with awesome sound signature, but they are a bit overpriced. The HD 180s offer good Highs, Mids with decent Lows, but they lack bass and the volume on them is low.

A decent Audio card or an external DAC makes up for the low volume, so if you can deal with low Bass and low volume close your eyes and go for it. It comes with a super long 3 meter and is priced at Rs. 999.

Pros – Comfortable, Brand reputation

Cons – Low Bass, Low audio output

Amazon Basics On-Ear Headphone

Amazon launched their range of devices called Amazon Basics, which essentially offer good quality product at affordable price. The Basics On-Ear Headphone is no different. It offers good build quality at an affordable price of Rs. 1299. The headphones are quite lightweight at just 104 grams and have a good sound signature. They also are somewhat Bass heavy but not too heavy.

Pros – Good build quality

Cons – None

Sony MDR-XB450

Feel The Music- 5 Best Headphones in India

The XB series from Sony offer Extra Bass is targeted towards people who love their Bass loud and clear, it is a recommended pair of headphone for the EDM loving crowd who prefer to listen to beats rather than the lyrics in the songs. They have 30 mm drivers powering them, which are tuned to offer maximum bass and they look stylish as well, so that is an added bonus. They can generally be found for Rs. 1499

Pros – Heavy Bass, Brand value

Cons – Build quality not up to the mark.

This was our list of the best headphones you can buy on a tight budget if you are looking for something more compact you might want to give our list of the best earphones a look.

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