Road Safety Gear: Essential Two-Wheeler Accessories

Two wheelers own a special place on the Indian roads; it is the most favourite mode of travel. They are the most convenient way of getting around from one place to the other and help in avoiding the traffic on congested roads. But the undeniable fact is that our roads are full of hazards. Two-wheeler accessories are one of the first things to consider while riding a bike. These few accessories will help you safely enjoy your time on the road.


Road Safety Gear: Essential Two-Wheeler Accessories

Yes, we are mentioning the most obvious accessory! But no matter what, the fact stands that helmets are important. Helmets are very significant for protecting your head on the road, keeping it safe from all kinds of mishaps. Regardless of the speed, you are driving on, roads are unpredictable. On the brighter side, with the various types of helmets, you can choose one according to your use and convenience.

Bike Mirrors:

Road Safety Gear: Essential Two-Wheeler Accessories

The most important thing to remember while driving is to keep your eyes on the road. Every vehicle has a blind spot when it comes to seeing what other vehicles are behind them. Bike mirrors or rear view mirrors help you overcome that blind spot. Checking if the coast is clear before switching lanes is a must. Without a mirror, the rider has to directly look behind to check, which takes off their attention from what’s in front. With a bike mirror, it is easy to focus on the road as well as keeping a track on what’s coming from the back.

Riding Jacket:

Riding jackets are the second most important two-wheeler accessory after helmets. Going on long journeys or riding through highways is difficult. A riding jacket could save you from serious injuries and scratches as well as protect you from dust, climate and other air pollutants. They come in different designs and materials. Most jackets are weather and waterproof to keep you and all your belongings safe while driving. You could choose one according to your taste preference and weather conditions.

Road Safety Gear: Essential Two-Wheeler Accessories


Driving gloves are not just an accessory for looking cool. They legitimately make driving easier. Hot or cold, weather plays an important role in bike riding. During summers, riding for long could cause a sweat making the grip on the accelerator questionable. Same way winters could cause your hands to go numb due to extreme temperatures. Driving gloves help maintain a firm grip on the vehicle throughout the ride.

Elbow and Knee Pad:

While short journeys don’t require elbow and knee pads, wearing it on long journeys or is imperative. These pads cushion our knees and elbows if we fall on them with our full body weight preventing it from causing any damage to the bone. Wearing knee pads and elbow pads provide an extra layer of protection to prevent any serious damage happening to the bones.


Whether you use your bike on an everyday basis or occasionally, a few two-wheeler accessories are absolutely essential. While these two-wheeler accessories could help you stay safe on the road it is also necessary to follow a few basic rules like not using your phone while driving, avoid talking on the phone or not listening to music through headphones. Self-protection should always come first.


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