Efficient and Accurate Weighing Process with Ohaus Semi-Micro Balance

Today’s modern analytical balances like the semi-micro and microbalances remove the need for specially built rooms to perform the weighing process. One of the most crucial procedures when it comes to analytical experimentation and evaluation is weighing test samples and this is often directly associated with most industrial production processes. The advancement in technology has made the task of performing analytical balancing simpler and more straightforward. Such devices like the Ohaus semi-micro balance have also reduced significantly the weighing time and this is extremely beneficial for various medical establishments including research and development laboratories across the world.

The Discovery series of Ohaussemi-micro balances and analytical balances combine unparalleled weighing performance with the brand’s innovative SmarText™ software, making its analytical balances extremely reliable and easy-to-use. These products feature durable glass and steel construction and together with cutting-edge AutoCal™ internal calibration makes it one of the best performing and highly accurate balances in its class.

Its application mode includes:

  • Weighing
  • Parts Counting with Automatic Sample Recalibration
  • Percent Weighing
  • Check to weigh
  • Animal/Dynamic Weighing
  • Gross/Net/Tare Weighing
  • Totalization
  • High Point
  • Density
  • Statistics
  • Pipette Calibration

There are lots of advantages of using Ohaus semi-micro balances. Atmospheric factors such as variations in the temperature and pressure of the environment, strong air currents and vibrations, static buoyancy, gravitational pull and moisture often because of condensation can reduce the accuracy and efficiency of weighing samples. Semi-micro balances like the Ohaus Discovery collection are extremely sensitive to these physical effects and they can carry out task accurately regardless of the condition of the environment.

Product Features:

  • Highest Performance with repeatability and linearity efficiency that is twice better than most models of its class.
  • SmarText™ Software uses text prompts to direct users through application use and balance setup.
  • Advanced AutoCal™ is its Ohaus innovative automatic internal calibration that makes sure all weighing processes are accurate.

What sets this apart is its Statistics Mode which is used when it is required to compare a number of samples and evaluate the relative deviation of the said samples along with other relevant statistical data. At least three samples are needed in this program. This mode features menu options that include the number of samples, maximum and minimum, difference, sum, mean, standard deviation and relative deviation. This also has an auto sample and auto print features.

Not all balances are created equal and Ohaus semi-micro balances certainly show its advantage over other brands.


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