Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Diwali is just days away and its one of the best opportunity to pamper show your love for your family and friends and special ones by gifting them something unique. Smartphones and tech gadgets can be one of the best gifts that you might want to gift one to someone. Here are couples of quick recommendations before you shop.

So, without much ado here is our list of gadgets and smartphones to go for!

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

With the power of heart rate on your wrist let you be your own heart guide with Fitbit Charge HR. It comes with a monitor heart rate that automatically and continuously helps you track calorie burn, maintain workout intensity, maximize training and optimize health—all accurately. Fitness trackers are also one of the most popular ways to keep track of your progress.

Pebble Smartwatch

It’s an era where everything is getting better and smarter. So does the watch! Over the time, smartwatches have developed technologies like making calls, SMS/calls notifications, fitness tracking sensors, finding your smartphones and yes, it shows time too. Fitness trackers and Smartwatches are the new trending devices people are attracted to, which is the reason that Indian wearables market is growing progressively. Pebble smartwatches is been renowned for their friendly user interface, the finest quality, and long battery life. Pebble Time has got refined slim looks. This smartwatch is fully loaded with features like Sleep tracking, Voice commands, Personal timeline, Music control, Notifications, and alerts. Pebble Time is worth for its price.

Motorola Moto Z wit Moto Mods

The new Motorola flagship, the Moto Z proves that “modularity is the future of Smartphones”. Moto Z is currently being touted as the thinnest premium phone in the world, at 5.2mm. The phone is said to be ultra light as well. The latest mobile is designed to work with future generations of Moto Z smartphones. It can be connected with the Moto Mods via a 16-dot magnetic connector interface at the rear of the phone. It includes the JBL SoundBoost, the Moto Insta-Share Projector, the Power Pack and Style Shells that offer finishes like real wood, leather, and fabric.

Xiaomi 20000mAh Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi is primarily known for its phones, but the vendor also is a manufacturer of power banks. The latest product in this category is the 20000mAh Mi Power Bank, which offers the largest battery capacity yet. You can simply expect a well-designed power bank offering great value for money. And that’s true for the brand new 20000mAh power bank as well, which is available for just Rs. 1,699.

Huawei Honor 8

Launched on October 2016, the Huawei Honor 8 is one of the few options that can come close to the OnePlus 3 in its price range. Although it doesn’t pack as much RAM (it has 4GB), it’s still pretty cutting-edge, delivering good performance in a very aesthetically pleasing package. This is a single SIM phone avaliable at a great price under Rs. 30,000. Some of the pros of the phone are Excellent display, Striking aesthetics, Powerful performance, Very good cameras and Good software features

Lenovo Zuk Z1

The Lenovo Zuk Z1 is a very good all-rounder smartphone that comes with a hefty battery life. Sporting a reliable and powerful operating system and processor, the Lenovo Zuk Z1 is the smart choice. Beautifully designed with rounded edges, a curved back, and a choice of two finishes, it flaunts a stunning 5.5″ IPS display, and dual-SIM technology for business and pleasure. Some of the pros of the phone are Looks good, well built, Good screen customization features, Great software, decent camera, good battery life.


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