Buying a Selfie Phone? Make Sure your Phone has these Features

The selfie trend is unstoppable. It is quite convenient to capture pictures yourself from the front-facing camera, instead asking someone to click a photo for you. Looking at this, even the Smartphone manufacturers have started banking heavily on this trend. They have gone to an extent of developing smartphones with higher quality camera at the front than the back. So, we have listed some of the best third-party apps that will let you capture more creative pictures. Here are some innovative features built into selfie phones that help you take a better selfie.

1) Panoramic Selfie

You may have experienced difficulty in capturing a big group of people in one selfie. Either you need to have really long hands, a selfie stick, or a wide-angle camera lens. Invest in the phones like Oppo F1s or the HTC Desire 10 Pro that captures a wide-angle shot by simply tilting the phone either sides after clicking the shutter.

2) Front-Facing Flash

Dim light conditions result in less than average selfies. Some smartphones have the ability to light up your face in very dark conditions. The Moto Z Play and Gionee S6s have a front-facing LED flashes that can overexpose the subject in the dark.
Alternatively, smartphones such as the iPhone 7 have ‘Retina Flash’ feature that brightly illuminates the screen when taking a selfie. It works only when you hold your Smartphone close to you. However, you’ll atleast get a better photo than no lighting at all. So, check out that your next phone has this smart feature.

3) Bokeh Effect with a Secondary Front-Facing Camera

A blur background elevates the beauty of your picture. If you love those photos shot by a DSLR camera with such blurred effect, go for the Vivo V5 Plus that employ dual front cameras with a 20-megapixel main sensor and an 8-megapixel secondary sensor that captures depth of field.
This two-camera system works similar to the iPhone 7 Plus which houses two camera sensors at the back. The first sensor captures the image, and the second sensor captures background information, so you get that same Bokeh effect for your selfies. It will aid you in adjusting the level of blur using a slider in the UI. Although there would a minute difference as compared to the professional camera setup, they still can be fun to use.

4) Voice-Activated Shutter Button

Most phones today crafted with aluminum and glass bodies are slippery. In such cases, bigger phones aren’t much handy to click a photo. This can result in a blurry shot, or worse, the phone being dropped. Samsung phones like the Galaxy S7 Edge have a voice-activated shutter button. You have to either say ‘cheese’ or ‘smile’, and after 3 seconds the photo is captured. So, it is quite easier than struggling to hit the on-screen shutter button or volume keys.

5) Eye-Positioning Assistance

The newly launched phones like the Honor 6X have this Eye-positioning Assistance feature that helps you keep your eyes where they should be when taking a selfie. So, instead of staring at the screen, the phone shows a tiny preview of the viewfinder right below the front-facing camera sensor. This makes you look up at it, and before you know it, the shot is taken. Because of this your selfies will appear with optimal eye positioning rather you looking at the screen.


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