Avoid These Common Mistakes While Ironing Your Clothes

None of us are strangers to the customary task of ironing our clothes. All of us use an iron in our everyday lives. Whether a steam iron or a dry iron, it is one of the most important appliances to have around to make our clothes look good. Ironing removes the wrinkles from the clothes and makes them look neat and clean. But there are some mistakes that we make while ironing our clothes even without realizing it. These mistakes might cause damage to the clothes or the iron. Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid:

Ironing Heavy Fabrics Initially

When we start ironing the clothes directly with the heavy fabrics, we automatically set the temperature to a higher level. By the time we reach the delicate and lighter clothes, the iron is too hot for the fabric and might cause damage to it. Because an iron takes longer to cool than to heat up, it’s always better to start with lighter material like silk and polyester and moving upward from there. Same goes for the temperature, start with the lowest temperature and move up as the heavier fabrics come in.

Avoid These Common Mistakes While Using a Steam Iron

Ironing Dry Clothes

Most people make the mistake of ironing the clothes when they are too dry. While ironing dry clothes removes most of the wrinkles from the clothes it does not get rid of it completely. All steam irons like the Philips GC105 come with a water tank for spraying water on the clothes. Turn on the spray feature in your steam iron to dampen the clothes with heat and a little steam. The mist softens the cloth making it easier to remove the wrinkles and making it look good after ironing.

Ironing at a Stretch

Not all irons take too kindly while ironing long batches of clothes at a nonstop stretch. The main reason to avoid this is because; while we are pre-occupied with finishing the chore we tend to ignore the temperature. High temperatures prove to be dangerous for the clothes and the iron as well. Avoid overheating of the iron and burning your clothes by taking breaks and letting the iron cool.

Avoid These Common Mistakes While Using a Steam Iron

Forgetting to Empty the Water

Filling up a steam iron with water for creating heat and mist makes ironing the clothes convenient for us by easily removing all the wrinkles. But forgetting to empty the water from the iron and using the same water during the next ironing can cause stains on the clothes. Dirty water can sometimes lead to rust and also damages the internal parts of the steam iron if kept too long.

Neglecting Iron’s cleanliness

Make sure to clean the iron regularly. Neglecting cleanliness could accumulate burnt fibres which become black and sticky if not dealt with immediately. These burnt fibres can create a hitch and stain the clothes. It’s also important to keep the iron plate of a steam iron clean, dust mixed with steam could create visible stains on lighter clothes.

Hope these tips help you avoid all the common mistakes that lead to any kind of damage to your iron and the clothes. Ironing is an unavoidable task, but hopefully using these tips should make the task easier. If you are looking to buy an iron for your house, have a look at our list by clicking here.


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