All You Need to Know: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

One may not find tablets that prevalent nowadays as it was before. With phones getting bigger and laptops becoming slimmer, the need of tablet has reduced.

On the contrary, technology is paving a way for hybrid models. But one might find someone with a tablet when it is being sold at a cheaper price in a pricey affair of laptops.

But as always there is something special in owning a tablet- a kind of luxury understood by those who own it. You can simply sit back and own all the content ranging from books to websites. Have a keyboard on it and you are on for a work while you travel.

All You Need to Know: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

The recently released, Samsung’s 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab S3 takes forward the legacy of tablets in style. It is priced at Rs. 47, 990 in India and accompanied by the famous S-Pen which had made an appearance with the Galaxy Note Series.

Most of the users of Galaxy Tab S2 have a little excuse to move on to its successor as the former worked well with little damage. What’s more tempting for the users though is the stylus of course.

Sleek, Stylish and Elegant

The Galaxy Tab S3 has got a glass back. It definitely looks pretty and enviable but makes the device vulnerable. Tablets will have a case if you want to hold it like a book and use it with a keyboard. Cases make the tablets much heavier. In such a situation, plastic was a better material. Plus, the back of the tablet is not needed to be shown off like a phone.


All You Need to Know: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

The 1536X2048 pixels display is brilliant. The colours are deep and gorgeous. Samsung’s Super AMOLED is at its best. The content is consuming and pleasurable. It supports HDR content if any.

Class Stylus

The fun begins when the S-Pen meets the brilliant display of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. At the press of the little button, you can even take a note on the dark sleeping screen. The “Air Command” menu includes a note taking app. Samsung’s keyboard has a handwriting mode that instantly converts the handwriting to text. This level of functionality spreads across the entire system. Suggested text takes care of the accuracy.

All You Need to Know: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

It does multiple stuff as acting like a mouse, giving information of items and disabling some other information. Sadly, there’s no way to clip on the stylus and you might risk losing it.


It has Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM. Internal storage of 32GB is available with the facility of using a memory card. It runs on Android 7.0 and does not support Bluetooth 5.0. The battery runs on 6000mAh battery. The cameras are 13MP and 5MP.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is good bait at Rs. 47, 990.


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