6 Ways to Protect your Car this Monsoon

Monsoon brings with it both the facets of experiences: some pleasant and some awful. What makes it dreadful is the muddy pathways, potholes and slippery roads. It is this season when a majority of the car and motorcycle accidents happen.

We, being humans cannot control rains at any cost. But we can definitely drive safe and take good care of our cars. Driving is unsafe majorly because of poor visibility, potholes on the roads, water logging of roads, loss in braking efficiency, chances of mud sticking on the tyres and the car’s underbody causing corrosion, slippery road surface, etc.

6 Ways to Protect your Car this Monsoon

When it comes to car care, one needs to look after the most important parts of the car that include tyres, wipers and washer, brakes, body, electricals and interiors.


Make sure that the tyres are in excellent condition before the monsoon arrives. Check the tyre tread depth. The tyres tend to lose air pressure quite a bit in rainy season which calls the need for checking tyre inflation regularly.

Wipers and Washer

6 Ways to Protect your Car this Monsoon

The wipers being used very often wear out fast. It is therefore mandatory to get the wiper blades checked before the monsoon begins. Check the functioning of the wiper at all speeds and keep the wiper washer bottle topped up. Add a mild detergent to it to keep the windshield glass clean.


Get the brake fluids checked regularly. Clean regularly and replace the brake pads if needed. Ensure the brake pedal play is adequate for brake operation. Ensure there is no air/water ingress. 


6 Ways to Protect your Car this Monsoon

Do not let water, dust, rainwater, dirt, etc to sit on your car. It adversely affects the car paint. Use the wax polish to protect your car and the car paint during the rainy season. The wax allows the water to roll off easily. Use anti-corrosion spray on exposed metal areas, grease all the door hinges. Also, get the rubber linings and door handles checked and replaced (if necessary) before the monsoon arrives.


When there are loose or weak electrical connections anywhere make a point to patch them up. Keep the external wires insulated to avoid any mishap or accident. Ensure that all fuses work fine. Keep extra fuses stacked up. It is advisable to check all the lights. Make a point to keep parking light and brake light on while driving.


Many times during heavy rains, the water flows into the cabin area which damages the flooring and carpets. Make sure that you carry old mats to use as they soak the dirty water easily. Use fabric mats in place of rubber mats.  Clean the car regularly with the vacuum cleaner. Make use of an air purifier to get rid of bad odour. Keep the windows open to prevent fungus development.


It is always said that safe driving is important during monsoon but it is a few times when people will advise you on taking good care of your cars. The above tips will definitely minimise maximum of your issues concerned with the maintenance of your car. 


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