5 Simple Smartphone Hacks that will amaze you

Need a little creative boost this weekend? How about using these 5 smartphone hacks that might encourage you to get added functions with little effort? These are a few smartphone hacks which you might never think possible with your old or latest smartphone.

Car Dash Camera

5 Simple Smartphone Hacks that will amaze you

Dash camera is very useful for keeping memories of your road trips or day-to-day commuting. Instead of buying a new dash camera, you can use your existing or old Android mobile for this purpose. Simply download a free app from Google Play Store called the DailyRoads Voyager.

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As the app is free of cost, it will show ads. You can remove those by making a purchase of the app from Play Store. Furthermore, you can get a wide view of the recordings, consider buying an inexpensive add-on lens that gets fixed on the smartphone’s primary camera and provides wide enough view.

Hack the Hybrid SIM slot (use 2 SIMs + 1 microSD card simultaneously)

5 Simple Smartphone Hacks that will amaze you

Most of the smartphones available in the market support expandable storage function. While so, many of them carry a hybrid SIM slot which means you can only use two SIM cards or one SIM + microSD card at a time. If you want to use two SIMs, you’ll have to remove microSD card.

Though, you can try using a ‘hybrid dual-SIM card slot adapter’ which usually costs around Rs 100 and works well on almost all Android devices having hybrid SIM slot. Using this, you can use two SIM cards and a microSD card all together at the same time.

These were the best smartphone hacks you could use and improve the functionality of your phone without burning a hole in the pocket.

Turn wired headphones to wireless

5 Simple Smartphone Hacks that will amaze you

There are wireless high-quality headphones available in the market that costs thousands of rupees. Still, spending that much is not feasible for everyone, isn’t it? In such case, you can use your existing wired headphones and make them wireless with a high-quality Bluetooth adapter.

You can consider Xiaomi’s Bluetooth audio receiver as such adapter. It has a 3.5mm audio jack where you will have to connect your headphones. Just pair the adapter via Bluetooth and enjoy wireless music.

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Recover deleted stuff

5 Simple Smartphone Hacks that will amaze you

This is really helpful smartphone hack one should definitely give a try. Very few people know that even if we deleted a file or folder on any smartphone, it doesn’t get removed from the storage immediately. It generally disappears from the file manager apps; however, it gets marked as ‘safe overwriting’.  This actually means that the system can overwrite other things on the items you deleted.

On Android phones, you can use GT Recovery or Undeleter Recover Files and Data apps. While on Apple mobiles, you can use Recover by Phone Ma.

Turn your phone into PC

5 Simple Smartphone Hacks that will amaze you

Our smartphones have emerged as a powerhouse thanks to the amount of processing power, accelerated RAM, ample storage space, and what not. You can use your smartphone as PC by using an MHL to HDMI adapter.

Download Leen Desktop UI on your Android phone and use Bluetooth keyboard and mouse as input device. Once you pair the phone with TV or monitor via the adapter, you can select it as output and use it like a PC which can even handle calls.


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