5 Signs Your Smartphone Has Become Old & It’s Time to Upgrade

Remember the times when we all owned a classic Nokia phone? The iconic Nokia 3310 was known as the unbreakable phone because of its durable build. But, times have changed since then and we live in a world with ever-evolving technology. New smartphones keep getting added to the latest mobiles price list on an everyday basis. However, any latest smartphone that you buy today will look outdated in a year or two. In spite of that, most of us stick to our current smartphone for years. If you have been using your smartphone for a long time now, it is time to ask yourself – is it time to upgrade? With your current smartphone becoming old, there are a number of reasons to buy a new smartphone, which you may not have noticed. Take a look at the signs that your smartphone has become old and why these signs are major reasons to buy a new smartphone.

No Option to Upgrade to the Latest OS

The operating system is what powers a smartphone. Every year, Apple and Google release a brand new operating system for their smartphones. The new update brings in performance improvements, better security and new features. While most Apple mobiles receive the upgrade simultaneously, it is a different story for the smartphones from the Android mobiles price list. Android smartphones take a longer time to receive the update.

Nevertheless, the easiest way to figure this out is by checking if your smartphone will receive the update in the near future. For instance, if you still use an Android phone that is running on the Nougat OS with no option to upgrade to the Oreo OS, it is time to buy a new smartphone.

5 Reasons to Buy a New Smartphone: Signs Your Smartphone Has Become Old

Cannot Install Security Updates

Even if your smartphone does not receive the yearly upgraded OS, it should be able to install the regular security patches. These security patches fix bugs in the current operating system. If your smartphone is not capable of installing these security updates, then your smartphone is deemed to face various issues and run out of life eventually.

Storage is Always Full

A couple of years back, smartphones used to come with 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. And in the current times, we have smartphones that feature 256GB of internal storage as well. If your existing smartphone is always showing the system storage as always full, it is one of the major reasons to buy a new smartphone. Having no space to upgrade an app, save a file, download an app or take pictures, is a clear indication that your smartphone is not equipped to handle current day apps and files.

5 Reasons to Buy a New Smartphone: Signs Your Smartphone Has Become Old

 Battery That Dies Out Rapidly

As your smartphone gets old, even the battery gets old along with it. But, if your smartphone’s battery is rapidly running out even when you are not using the phone, it calls for some serious consideration. Additionally, if your smartphone randomly runs out of battery in spite of showing a certain amount of charge, the phone’s battery is on the edge. And even if boosting your smartphone battery life with a new replacement does not help, it is time to buy a new smartphone.

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The phone is Always Lagging

A slow phone or lags are the worst thing that we have to deal with. Smartphones are designed to make our lives easier, but instead lags make our lives difficult. If you are noticing glitches like:

  • Apps taking inconsiderate amount to load
  • Smartphone screen keeps freezing
  • Touchscreen stop responding
  • Scrolling through an app is extremely slow

Are you are facing any or all of these issues? It’s a clear indication that your smartphones RAM is not equipped to deal with the apps that you are using. This again is one of the most important reasons to buy a new smartphone.


Smartphones are gadgets that are designed to make our work and lives easier. If your smartphone cannot do that anymore, it is time to let go and buy a new smartphone. However, if you have a smartphone that is in a good working condition and are planning to upgrade, you can sell your old smartphone at a good price. To get the best price of your used smartphone, check out our used mobile price calculator.


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