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Ziox Mobiles Price in India 2017

Top Ziox Mobile Models Price Spec Score
Ziox Astra Metal 4G Rs.4,099 64/100
Ziox Astra 4G Rs.4,099 70/100
Ziox Z314 Rs.1,049 60/100
Ziox Astra Zing Plus Rs.2,859 68/100
Ziox Z7 Rs.1,114 43/100
Ziox Z6 Rs.1,260 43/100
Ziox Z13 Rs.999 35/100
Ziox ZX304 Rs.1,199 35/100
Ziox Astra NXT Rs.2,499 64/100
Ziox Astra Prism Rs.2,690 64/100

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