Top 5 Ayurvedic Toothpaste In India

Do you frequently visit clinics to treat your teeth?

If yes, we would like to tell you that you can completely stop going to the dentist or at least lessen the frequency of visiting. But how?

The best way to treat your teeth is through Ayurvedic toothpaste. It’s because these kinds of toothpaste help fix sensitivity, strengthen enamel, clean teeth, and, most importantly, fresh your breath. Nowadays, people want to avoid the artificial ingredient present in toothpaste because of its harmful effect on human health. These ayurvedic toothpastes are produced from raw materials extracted from nature.

Some of these raw materials are given below-

  • Aloe vera
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Myrrh
  • Camomile
  • Calendula
  • Neem
  • Clove
  • Plant extract
  • Essential oils

List of Best 5 Ayurvedic Toothpaste In India

Product Average User Rating Price Range Best Price
Herbostra Irimedadi Toothpaste 4.9 out of 5.0 stars ₹195 Buy on Website
Dant Jeevan Toothpaste 4.3 out of 5.0 stars ₹100 Buy on Amazon
Dr Jaikaran Herberant Premium Toothpaste 4.2 out of 5.0 stars ₹98 Buy on Amazon
Dabur Meswak Toothpaste 4.3 out of 5.0 stars ₹78 Buy on Amazon
Vicco Vajradanti Paste 4.6 out of 5.0 stars ₹85 Buy on Amazon

The used of these raw materials vary with each toothpaste brand. The ingredients present have no negative impact on human health, and therefore these natural toothpastes are very much safe for extensive use.
Many of the herbal toothpaste which are being sold in India are defiled with nicotine. Authorities are seen taking steps to dig out the adulterated toothpaste companies from the market and ensure that pure toothpaste produced from natural ingredients are being sold.

We did in-depth research to bring the best ayurvedic toothpastes in the market, which are completely pure and effective after using. The list of top 5 ayurvedic toothpaste in India are given below. In the next sections, we will give you a small but informative review of these ayurvedic toothpastes along with an amazon link to buy any of these toothpastes.

Herbostra Irimedadi Toothpaste

Herbostra is a renowned brand that uses traditional Ayurveda concepts and has created several products to treat diseases and infections through natural remedy. Irimedadi toothpaste is 100% natural herbal toothpaste which is free from fluoride and triclosan. It is an amazing product from Herbostra that consists of natural ingredients like Irimeda, manjistha, neem, Khadira, etc.

It cleans your teeth thoroughly, strengthens enamel and prevents tooth decay. Also, this toothpaste is very effective to restore weakened enamel and also it stops toothache, the spread of tooth infection and tooth loss. We recommend this product at first because it’s a complete package to make your teeth stronger than ever.


  • It has no artificial substances, and it’s entirely fluoride-free.
  • Keeps your teeth plague free and strengthen your teeth to fight against bacterial infection.
  • It has a very good odour that will activate you as well as fresh your breath.
  • No colour is mixed in the toothpaste and its completely made from natural ingredients.
  • Herbostra Irimedadi is very effective in removing toothache.
  • It is priced at an affordable rate.

Dant Jeevan Ayurvedic Toothpaste

Are you still finding it difficult to find a toothpaste that permanently removes the foul odour of your mouth? Then we have a very effective toothpaste named as ‘Dant Jeevan Toothpaste’. This toothpaste contains precious ingredients like laung, pudina and gulab to remove the foul odour from your mouth and provide long-lasting freshness.

Therefore, give a fresh start to your day with the natural touch of this toothpaste. This toothpaste contains many herbs such as Manjistha, Triphala, Aloe vera, Laung, Pudina, Gulab, Nirgundi, Ajamoda Satva, Baabul, Vaikranta Bhasma, Tumbru, Majuphal, Tankan, Vidanga and Molsari. This toothpaste is entirely free of chemicals, colours and aroma. Everything present in this toothpaste is very natural and that’s why very effective for your teeth.

Presence of herbs like Nirgundi and Ajamoda Satva gives the toothpaste an anti-inflammatory property that prevents toothache. And also other herbs like Vaikranta Bhasma and Baabul increases gum strength and prevent tooth cavity. Tumburu and Majuphal can remove as well as prevent the dental plague from reoccurring. Tankan and Vidanga play the role of antimicrobial and antiseptic.

The ingredient ‘Molsari’ improves overall dental health. You can see that every ingredient present in it has a distinctive property and they definitely serves their purpose of being used in the paste.


  • Yellowish tooth, stinking smell and plague can be removed and prevented from reoccurrence.
  • Strengthens your gums and prevent bleeding from gums.
  • Effective to remove spots of betel nuts from your teeth.
  • It can also cure sourness and pain in the enamel.
  • Its natural ingredients like laung, pudina and gulab can give a long-lasting fresh smell after use.
  • This toothpaste can be bought at an affordable price.

Dr Jaikaran Herberant Premium Toothpaste

This premium toothpaste from Dr Jaikaran is recognized globally as a perfect toothpaste for its top-notch efficiency and curability of many tooth-related infections and diseases. Dr Jaikaran’s toothpaste is an overall package to solve every dental problem. Using this toothpaste would surely lessen your frequency of visit to dental care clinic.

It contains 21 herbs of ancient Ayurveda which have anti-bacterial, anti-pyorrhoea and gum strengthening properties. It took many years for Dr Jaikaran to find the suitable herbs to make this superior toothpaste. Its ingredients include choti elaichi, clove, dalchini, saunf, neem, ashoka, kulanjan and tejobati. Oils of coriander, ginger, eucalyptus, lemon, spearmint, kapursat, ajwain, jyotismati and gandhpura are also mixed.

Choti Elaichi, which is found in every household in India, is present in this toothpaste for its fresh aroma. Clove, which is an ancient remedy, is added to solve toothache. Saunf has anti-bacterial property due to which it can prevent pain in your tooth.

Neem is an additional ingredient that aims to restore taste in your mouth. Ashoka contains anti-bacterial properties to check bacterial growth and stops oozing out of blood from the gum. Kulanjan attacks plague in your teeth and helps in whitening teeth. A very well known herb ‘tejobati’ in the toothpaste is used to stop diseases from bacteria.


  • This toothpaste is formulated using 21 herbs of ancient Ayurveda.
  • Dr Jaikaran’s toothpaste is a complete package for dental care.
  • It consists of anti-bacterial, anti-cavity and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Highly effective in case of toothache and tooth infections.

Dabur Meswak toothpaste

Dabur meswak toothpaste is a scientifically formulated herbal toothpaste extracted from the toothbrush tree or meswa tree, scientifically known as ‘Salvadore Persica’. It is widely used to prevent tooth decay, inflammation and strengthening gum.

This meswak herb is a rare ingredient used only in this toothpaste, and therefore it makes the toothpaste different from others. This toothpaste has a unique flavour that makes your breath smell good and gives a long-lasting freshness.

It is also a completely fluoride-free toothpaste and comprises of all the essential nutrients to treat your tooth. Problems like inflammation, bleeding from gum, sensitivity, toothache, and bacterial infection can be cured entirely using Dabur meswak toothpaste.

Apart from this, it can remove tartar, plague from your teeth and prevent tooth cavity and tooth decay from forming. The loyal users have always appreciated its instant effectiveness and never forget to point out the toothpaste’s mouth freshening quality.


  • Meswak toothpaste has three ayurvedic properties: anti-bacterial – Shield your teeth from harmful germs and bacteria. Anti-inflammatory – Prevents inflammation of gums and oral cavity. Astringent – strengthens gum-grip.
  • Meswak toothpaste is widely used to prevent bleeding from gum.
  • It provides instant relief against toothache.
  • It contains essential saliva that facilitates the motion of saliva.

Vicco Vajradanti toothpaste

Vicco vajradanti toothpaste is an ayurvedic toothpaste cum medicine. It is widely used worldwide for its high medicinal value and the facilities of toothpaste. Vicco toothpaste can be used to harden gum and teeth, cleansing and healing wounds, tooth caries and inflammation.

Overall it is a complete package to take care of your teeth, and surely it will lessen your visit to Dental clinic. Ingredients that made this toothpaste unique are – Babhul, Bakul, Jambhul, Laung, Manjishtha, Bor, Akhrot, Akkal – kadha, Jeshthamadh Ajwain, Khair, Dalchini, Patang, Harada, Vajradanti, Anantmul, Amla, Behada, Kavab and Maifal.

An adequate mixture of these ayurvedic herbs possesses all the properties to give your teeth the required dental care. People who have used this product couldn’t stop appreciating about it. We recommend you to try this product without any delay if you are finding any problem in your current toothpaste.


  • The toothpaste Vicco is free of chemicals, fluoride and artificial colour.
  • There is no preservative and adulteration. Vicco Vajradanti Toothpaste is wholly pure and devoid of any adulteration.
  • It guarantees the removal of plague, spots and cavity from your tooth.
  • It’s an excellent remedy for any dental problem.
  • Vicco toothpaste is cheap in comparison to other commercial toothpaste found in India. It comes in different flavours too.


These five ayurvedic toothpastes are recognized and love all over India due to its natural dental care. Researchers put a lot of effort to find the most useful herbs. A perfect blend of all the herbs resulted in the formation of these toothpastes. There is no harm in using these toothpastes as it is completely free of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate and triclosan. Many prolonged teeth related diseases and infections have been completely cured with these toothpastes.

Note-: The above-given list is in the descending order in terms of its effectiveness.



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